Faces 007 – BCUC

Tucked away at the Skellum stage – Mabandla was at the Ray Ban tent, located at what I later discovered to be the location of the first Oppikoppi – BCUC led a funkadelic kasi-meets-emakhayeni jungle jazz parade where the possession of one’s spirit by music was okay. The six-piece unit had, in its pandora’s box, huge chunks of percussive genius, a page from Dr. Malombo’s guitar wizardry, and just about one of the most terrifying yet endearing frontmen this side of Screaming Jay Hawkins. But that’s far-reaching; I digress. Their sound defies definition; it’s familiar in its unfamiliarity, a toyi-toying brigade at one point, a black power sermon at another; a rap cipher-turned-dancehall during one moment, a revolutionary manifesto in four parts at the other end.

Source: http://www.mahala.co.za/music/hitch-to-highveld/

Extra: BCUC on Jam Sandwich

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