Faces 006


Reanetswe’s mother passed away when he was in the middle of grade 12. They had a house in Soweto, but it didn’t belong to them. He had to search for the rest of his family because “[my mother] hit me so hard when I asked about them that I never asked again” he says in retrospect before adding “I only knew [my father] from pictures.”

He managed to locate his extended family; they lived somewhere in the Free State. Him and his sibling endured a three month-long period of being treated like utter dirt. A government grant paid for their taxi trip back to Johannesburg.

Reanetswe’s sister currently lives at a home for the shelterless, while part of his livelihood comes from attending to cars in Braamfontein. He is homeless, can rap, and apparently slaps mean basslines and capably plays percussive instruments.

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