Above The Clouds


Somewhere between East and Southern Africa at approximately 17H40. Shane Cooper’s “Oscillations” has been on rotation in my earphones since it got sent to me three weeks ago, but its charm hasn’t waned a bit. “Shadowplay” is the song’s name, and Reza Khota’s guitar solo dominates, lending a meaning to life which further lends itself to stream-of-consciousness self-inspection. At this moment, all myths seem worthy of debunking: what is, what isn’t, and who decides? Thirty-eight thousand feet below, meandering streams have had their way with the mountain ranges; they have left deep cuts, ridges within which the mist gathers as dusk embraces the land. These questions amplify until they howl at the sun which has set by now: WHAT DID I DO TODAY?!!

PS: Shane did this short mix of stuff from the Restless Natives project, which can be purchased here.

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