Rapper Mo’Molemi Releases New Single


One of my most revered emcees Mo’Molemi is back with a single from his forthcoming album, “Asia“. Entitled “Pelonomi“, the track is a smooth, R&B-tinged dedication to the love of his life. He explores the act of being in love from various points of depature, specifically distant love and how the state of missing a one’s partner can have a disorienting effect. “It feels like three months since I’ve seen you/ matter of fact, it feels like five years” he raps in his native Setswana language. The production, courtesy of Open Play Music, subtly sets a slightly-restrained-yet-funky mood for Molemi to disperse his lyrics on top of; both sides of the board handle their duties expertly.

*The single can be purchased via iTunes, Nokia store, and Amazon. I have written about why Molemi means a lot to me here.

7 responses to “Rapper Mo’Molemi Releases New Single”

  1. I’ve been trying 2 download the track 4rm day 1 of release but i can’t get it right. Can u suggest anada link pls pls. i am mojoman’s fan

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