What I’ve Been Up To


I’m editing Sara Chitambo’s documentary entitled “The Capacity Of Capcity.” It is an outsider’s look into the bust that followed Pretoria’s hip hop boom between 2004 and 2007/8. She was residing in Cape Town at that time, and became curious as to why there weren’t any of the shows she’d been hearing about during that period.

The documentary aims to offer expert analyses and insider perspectives on issues ranging from ‘the early days of Pretoria hip hop‘ through to ‘the demise of the State Theatre gigs.‘ In-between, informed narratives forge a tight-knit story – so tight-knit, I suspect, that a huge chunk may have been left on the editing floor due to time constraints – story well-worth engaging with.

It’s currently at just under fourty minutes long. There’s an awesome list of amazing people to look forward to, among them Nombongo, Mizi, Simone, Damola, and Mycbeth (who now goes by the name Mad Max). The nerves are building up and doubt’s beginning to kick in…

This should ideally be done by the 27th April, where the plan is to debut it at Back To The City 2013.

On the writing front, I landed a cool gig through Mahala to cover a dance competition knock-out – Redbull’s Beat Battle Pretoria and Jozi editions. It sparked a curiousness in me to write on Pantsula culture, which I grew up around, but could never proclaim to have understood. Here’s to hoping it happens.

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