The Underground Railroad


Last night I found myself – as one does on a rainy evening – going through my twitter feed when I came across a remix of Ice Prince’s hit songAboki“. The version features a cross-continental flux of mainstream rappers, from Ghana’s Sarkodie to South Africa’s Khuli Chana. Then it struck me: there is an increasing amount of these types of collaborations happening across the continent, but they only seem, to me at least, to be a mainstay of mainstream rappers.

Then I thought: what if we could form an underground rail-road that would enable us to freely share and contribute to each others’ projects in a meaningful way? It doesn’t only have to be confined to the hip hop space, but since hip hop is my forte, that’s what I am most interested in. Think about it: blogs, publicists, artists, videographers, etc., all underground, all pushing towards building a unified movement with a singular vision. In that way, we can by-pass all mainstream media and form our own network.

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